Health tech that makes people's lives healthier through value-based healthcare

Alice is a Brazilian health tech focused on making people’s lives healthier. Founded in 2019 by André Florence, Guilherme Azevedo, and Matheus Moraes, the startup has raised US$ 47.8 million through Series seed, A and B. Alice’s members are supported by a Health Team formed by a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, and physical trainer chosen by the members themselves and accessed by the app or in-person whenever they want it. In addition, members have an Individual Health Plan, also defined by the consumer herself according to her preferences (hospital, accommodation, laboratory, maternity, and specialist doctors).

Andre Florence Carneiro
Guilherme Teixeira Azevedo
Matheus Hermsdorff Moraes
Alice is headquartered in São Paulo and operates in Brazil.
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