Humanizing the insurance industry in Mexico

Crabi is the first neo-insurer in Mexico. We are a full-stack car insurance company that operates all over Mexico.

Based in Guadalajara, Jalisco with a distributed team all over Mexico, validated by the government “CNSF” & backed by top-tier reinsurer swiss-re, we built an honest, transparent, and simple car insurance.

The insurance industry is not right. It hasn’t changed for more than 40 years; existing products are rigid with several layers of middlemen, the coverage & cost are unclear and the experience is terrible.

We started transforming the acquisition process making it simple, accessible, and understandable. Our next step is to build tailor-made car insurance.  

We created Crabi because the industry has to change.

Daniel Bernardez
Javier Orozco
Arnoldo De La Torre
Crabi is headquartered in Guadalajara and operates across Mexico.
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