Creating exceptional software to enable outstanding healthcare for all

Eden is revolutionizing medical attention through cloud-based platforms for end-to-end radiology operations. By developing a streamlined digital ecosystem with access to advanced diagnostic tools and the power of Artificial Intelligence, the company has increased radiologist productivity and now processes over 400 million medical images annually.

Firmly committed to quality and a patient-centered ethos, Eden wages a holy war against a flawed healthcare system and vows to create a world where everyone can access the highest standard of care, without exception. Along with its 1,100 allied institutions, this trailblazer of digital radiology continues to benefit millions of patients across 17 countries and has no plans of stopping until the revolution reaches all of Latin America and beyond.

Julián Ríos Cantú
Antonio Torres
Raymundo González Leal
Eden is headquartered in Mexico City and operates in 17 countries across Latin America.
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