Putting data to work to prevent fraud and maximize conversion

Legiti is a Brazilian antifraud company that maximizes revenue for Latin American e-commerces. Fraud and conversion are two sides of the same coin, and Legiti’s data-intensive solution uses machine learning models to eliminate fraud threats and allow e-commerces to focus on their bottom line. Legiti’s strength lies in its ability to analyze and authorize legitimate purchases that would be otherwise blocked by simplistic and less precise antifraud systems.

Founded in 2019 by two Stanford graduates with successful careers at Palantir Technologies, Legiti employs a powerful amalgam of bleeding-edge machine learning techniques and ultra-high-scale data processing practices to create an antifraud system that delivers real protection and increases revenue.

Pedro Henrique Sanzovo
Pearson James Henri
Legiti is headquartered in São Paulo and operates across Brazil.
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