Catalyzing clean energy in Brazil through technology.

Lemon connects retail power consumers with clean energy generators. Remote plants pump clean energy into the grid, generating a supply of credits to consumers to cover their power demand. Small and medium-sized businesses save on their bills, have a vastly improved digital customer experience, and access to clean energy without installation or upfront investment. On the other side, decentralized generators can up to double their earnings by accessing the retail market, while Lemon handles all the billing, collection, and energy management duties.

Brazil’s energy consumer relies on hydropower for two-thirds of their electricity. Yet, 80% of Brazil’s hydro capacity is literally evaporating due to climate-fueled droughts which are driving price hikes, blackouts, and fossil fuel imports. Solar energy only makes less than 2% of Brazil’s power mix, even though it has huge potential. Retail consumers struggle to pay the upfront costs needed for renewables and archaic suppliers remain too analog to adopt and manage intermittent generation.

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