Building a more efficient, fair and fun way to shop

Trela is a more efficient and fair way for Brazilians to buy food, where neighbors find higher-quality groceries for less. The company leverages social commerce to generate bulk orders for groups of neighbors. Trela’s high order value and optimized delivery routes enable small and mid-sized businesses that only sell wholesale to cut middlemen and reach end customers directly.

Consumers’ favorite categories are the ones where retailers generally markup aggressively, like seafood, beef, produce and frozen food. These products sell at Trela for 20% to 60% less than they sell at traditional retailers. At Trela, customers always enjoy free shipping, gamified offers and deals, highly customized curation of products, all via their favorite conversation apps.

Guilherme Nazareth
Guilherme Alvarenga
João Jönk
The company currently operates across multiple cities in Brazil.
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